2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Supercars Test Drive, Pictures

Thursday, May 30th 2013. | Alfa Romeo

Right after 2 years hiatus, the Bertone Auto Company has returned to the Geneva International Motor Show with the introduction of 2-seater coupe 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c Concept car. The automaker claims that this car is basically an aggressive and good-looking coupe that has been backed up with fabulous design, remarkable details, powerful engine and very comfortable and generous cabin.


2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Front View

One of the most interesting exterior features will be the rotating backwards doors which can be opened full 90 degree upward. The entire side of the car is one door from the front fender to the rear fender. Another notable feature is the striking array of crystal-like blades at the back side of this car.

2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Side View

There will be also the unique side windows which extend down to the front wheel arch. Same with the Alfa Romeo 4c bird, the doors will open up in a gull-wing style.

2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Rear Angle


2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Interior Look

For the interior features, the Alfa Romeo 4c has been built-in with the two classic rear seats with extra spaces, the thin and ergonomic front seats along with the Technogel and backlit with reLIGHT fabric and carbon fiber shells materials, illuminated clear floor, sporty steering wheel with 2 analogue dials placed directly on the steering column, and 4 LCD screens that have a rear view inside the passenger compartment. Inside of Pandion, you will see that its cabin is very spacious. There will be the ultra-thin bucket seats and there’s no dashboard inside. The entire controls have been arranged around the long steering column while only the infotainment touchscreen is positioned between passenger and driver.


2013 Alfa Romeo 4C Engines

As a matter of fact, the engine of 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c is based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione sports car. The car boasts an all aluminum 4.7 litre (4691 cc) DOHC 90 degree V8 engine that will generate 450 PS (331 kW; 444 horsepower). This engine will allow the car to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in about 4 seconds and it has the top speed of 320 km/h or about 199 mph. The rival of this cars is amazing 2013 Mach7 Falcon.


The expected price range of 2013 Alfa Romeo 4c Prices is around $300.000.

2013 Alfa Romeo 4C HD Wallpapers